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  • Carol Child Marketing Content Writer/Storyteller

Writer • Editor • Publisher

It’s not just flat marketing content, it’s your story, how to achieve what your readers searched for. They want to know more about you. Let me tell them your story.  Everybody has a story to tell, whether he or she be the immigrant farm worker sitting in the field in the hot sun all day picking beans or the philanthropist whose chauffeur polishes only the side of the car facing the house. I am a storyteller. I love learning about people and telling their stories. Here I tell you a bit of my story, and I give you links to stories I have written and published about others. Now I’m a Publisher, too.

    Specializing in Marketing Content, Human Interest Stories, Profiles, Essays, Blogging, Storytelling, Creative Writing, Fiction, Poetry and Publishing. Over 30 years experience.
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    — The Scheherazade Chronicles (under my pen name, Samantha Mozart).

    Book Author of Begins the Night Music: A Dementia Caregiver’s Journal, Volume I  (2012), To What Green Altar: A Dementia Caregiver’s Journal, Volume II (2013), and The Phantom of My Blog (And the Afterlife of Caregiving (2024), by Samantha Mozart (pen name); and of a book, under my byline Carol Child, Jane Austen Readings for Readers Theater , a play I wrote and produced that was performed at the Smyrna Opera House, Smyrna, Del., on June 3, 2017 and Readers Theatre Gresham, Gresham, Ore., April 1, 2024. Available in paperback and e-book formats. For a licensing agreement to perform this play, please contact

      • Author of newspaper and magazine feature stories and profiles, for 
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      • Wilmington, Del.
    News Journal
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    Delmarva Quarterly, Middletown Life Magazine, and various Southern California publications; essayist, copyeditor, community newspaper editor, researcher, fact checker, federal legislative analysis and summarization, award-winning poet, greeting card verse writer, copywriter of marketing promotional materials, newsletters and PR materials, script writer, writing tutor, and book publisher.
    The National Endowment for the Humanities selected my landscape photography for use in slide show presentation.
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Read excerpts of my work at The Scheherazade Chronicles
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    • Publisher: Carol Child Communications

Bookbinder Publishing

     – Proofreading, Editing, Typesetting and Formatting Paperbacks and E-Books for Self-Publishing Authors.
    In March 2012 I founded a caregiver’s support group, open to any caregiver who wants to tell her story, under “Women Writing for (a) Change” on Linkedin, comprised of members from around the world. To date, a year later, the discussion board has received over 6,500 comments.
    I give presentations about my experiences to caregivers’ groups, and am available for writing tutoring and to lead writing workshops on journaling, memoirs, essays and creative writing.

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Jane Austen Readings for Readers Theater






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My Dementia Caregiver’s Journal






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My Dementia Caregivers Journal